Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee plays a vital role in the running of our Scout Group.

Our Executive Committee make decisions and carries out administrative tasks to ensure that the best quality Scouting can be delivered to the young people in the Group by our Section Leaders, Assistant Leaders, and all other section volunteers.

The Executive Committee are responsible for various aspects of the Scout Group, including (but not only):

  • Maintenance of  the property and equipment owned by the Group
  • Managing the Group finances.
  • Providing insurance for people, property and equipment.
  • Ensuring the Group has sufficient resources for Scouting to operate. This includes:
    • supporting recruitment of volunteers
    • fundraising activities
    • Promoting and supporting the development of Scouting in the local area.
    • Ensuring that a positive image of Scouting exists in the local community.

All Executive Committee members have different skills to offer, come from different backgrounds and have varying experiences. This helps to ensure a variety of perspectives and a more rounded and effective Executive Committee. Skills and experience that can help include: Business or management experience,  financial knowledge, IT skills, Legal knowledge, problem solving and decision making skills.

Our Executive Committee meets 6-8 times a year, and if you would like to find out more about how you can help or to join us, please email info@northwalshamscouts.org.uk or use the ‘contact form’ on this website.